Discover the world of the world's most exclusive mosaic. Superior quality in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and finishes.


Vetrite is known for its unique and luxurious appearance, which is created by fusing layers of colored glass. The result is a very durable and scratch-resistant tile with a smooth, glossy surface.


From exclusive furniture to mosaics, glass mosaic surfaces and lighting to floors, are characterized by special attention to detail.

Micro mosaic

Decorate private planes, supercars, superyachts and jewelry with thousands of tiny pieces of mosaic in combination with valuable gems.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Studio Bis

Studio Bis is the trendsetter and leading player in the field of exclusive mosaics, creating high-quality projects that enrich real life. Studio Bis is proud to be the full-fledged business partner of SICIS and the international mosaic specialist forthe entire collection. Studio Bis considers every project as a completely new challenge to make the impossible possible. With a constant ambition to exceed expectations, we challenge ourselves to create custom designs for each client that meet standards and expectations. Our creative (interior) architects are the result of quality and continuous communication with our valued clients.