Elegance & refined interior

Studio Bis wishes you a warm welcome to the most exclusive and elegant home collection in the world. The classically inspired contemporary style is elegant and sophisticated. After all, interiors express personality. Studio Bis constantly strives for perfection and pays attention to quality and the use of extremely carefully selected materials and products. As a full partner of SICIS, Studio Bis is proud to be one of the few companies in the world to design an entire hotel, villa and any other space in its entirety with mosaic, floors, glass panels, lighting and furniture. The possibilities are endless, whereby all spaces can seamlessly fit together in a very refined style. The walls can even, as an integral part of the entire atmospheric space, be decorated with mosaics, while the rest of the space is elegantly refined with high-quality coating materials and fabrics. Due to SICIS's varied line, Studio Bis has the ability to match any unique style through a language that pervades the entire environment: class. This is achieved by further refining the meticulously chosen furniture with the right combinations of lighting, fabrics and accessories, with the mosaic remaining the most important and distinctive element of the space.

Dedicated inspiration

First-class quality furniture, an eye for details and elegant design are the hallmarks of Studio Bis interior projects. Studio Bis considers each project as a whole new challenge to make the impossible possible. With a constant ambition to exceed expectations, we challenge ourselves to create custom designs for each client that meet standards and expectations. Our creative interior architects are the result of qualitative and continuous communication with our valued clients. Studio Bis always focuses on the interests of its high-quality customers with the aim of achieving the ultimate result with every project. From the design process to the delivery of the project, Studio Bis ensures that the right choices are made.

Exclusivity and craftsmanship

In the world of luxury, the difference is in the ultimate in sophistication, exclusivity and tailor-made products. The exclusive line of SICIS allows Studio Bis to meet the client's wishes through handmade stitching, handles, lamps, fabrics, furniture and other accessories. Studio Bis designs the interior according to the standards and wishes of its clients and reflects their personality, exclusivity, character in accordance with the overall design of the space. Bespoke furniture gives a lasting impression of quality and exclusivity - Unparalleled craftsmanship at its best.

The feeling of infinity

At Studio Bis, designs are created according to the custom wishes and highest standards of the clients, reflecting their ambitions, personality, achievements and origins. The unique line of SICIS allows the designers of Studio Bis to expertly arrange and veneer every detail of the space with the best fabrics, glass panels, lighting, mosaics and furniture. An important segment of the overall space is an eye for detail. They reflect what a design is and are fundamental to the personality and appearance of the room. Studio Bis excels by masterfully bringing a space to life through different materials, functionalities, colors and fabrics. Floors, walls, furniture and materials such as mosaic are part of the entire space in a refined way and flow beautifully into each other.