Micro mosaic

As a valued partner of SICIS, Studio Bis delivers high quality contemporary micro mosaic designs, characterized by the unique composition of thousands of tiny pieces of micro mosaic, gold and precious gemstones. Micro and nano mosaics are one of the oldest and most extensive techniques in jewelry making.

Exclusivity at its best

Studio Bis has the worldwide exclusivity of SICIS for micro mosaic. Every design is all about exclusivity, but always with the customer at the center. By using the revolutionary technique to manufacture micro mosaic, it is now possible to take exclusivity to an even higher level. The endless combinations of the finest fabrics, jewelery, gold and micro-mosaics allow our designers to iconically combine luxury cars, supercars, villas, superyachts and private jets.

The perfect marriage

Design your own exclusive print or artwork and form your own unique line of objects such as interior for supercars, private planes, furniture, fabrics and even jewelry. Each extremely carefully composed line is given a unique badge that is linked to the client. You will be given the opportunity to create your own design pallet in collaboration with our renowned designers. Every design has an unprecedented level of sophistication. Fine details are crucial when matching a private plane, car, jewelry and clothing. Both the interior and exterior are inspired by the wishes of the customer and matched in an unprecedented unique way. Studio Bis creates a perfect marriage of superyachts, private planes and cars - a symbolic amalgamation. To make the marriage even sweeter, clients can have unique jewelry designed based on a design, logo or family crest. The combinations between objects are made of the highest quality gold elements and gemstones in combination with micro mosaic.