Mozaïek en Studio Bis

Studio Bis is the trendsetter and leading player in the field of exclusive mosaic, creating high-quality projects to enrich real life. Studio Bis is the leading international SICIS mosaic specialist for the entire collection of the leading mosaic manufacturer SICIS. As a full partner, Studio Bis creates solutions for real life in collaboration with this high-quality manufacturer, by combining practice and beauty. Top quality, beautiful design combined with these special materials form the basis for our designs. As a direct client or (interior) architect, you are of course our source of inspiration. Top design is beautiful, but it only really becomes meaningful when it is part of your lifestyle or design. Studio Bis has been successfully collaborating with globally renowned clients and (interior) architects for more than 12 years.

Mosaic - The sky is the limit

For Studio Bis, mosaic is experience, passion, exclusivity and above all creativity. Thanks to the combination of traditional ambiance and innovation, we produce works of art of the highest quality with our partners and designers. In collaboration with our full partner Sicis, our projects are superior to those of any other industry on the market. Our unique styles stand out for the many different shapes, sizes and materials, with artistic and creativity contributing to the creation of the most exclusive projects in the world. Studio Bis creates artistic mosaic works of the highest level, with the help of true mosaic masters, designers and (interior) architects all over the world. The expressive power of Studio Bis stands for connecting real artists, architects and international designers, who, in collaboration with our creativity and products, interpret mosaic in a contemporary ambiance and obtain endless possibilities for surfaces and design installations. - The sky is the limit.

Water world of serenity

Unique architectural pools whose mosaic patterns are reminiscent of exclusive art in combination with beautiful hues and gemstones. Each design has been masterfully put together by Studio Bis. Due to the endless variations of SICIS products, each Studio Bis design can be adapted to all types of swimming pools to create creative and completely original works of art. As a SICIS mosaic specialist, Studio Bis brings company logos, coats of arms and creative designs to life in every color and gemstone. Give swimming pools optimal allure through personal designs, repetitive patterns or geometric shapes - the sky is the limit.

World-class hotels and wellness centers

Each Studio Bis design is all about exclusivity, but always with the customer at the center. In the constant search for perfection, designers and stylists develop the new lines that are typical for the client. In collaboration with renowned (interior) architects, we shape every space with the right materials and together we create details that can arouse feelings of wonder. The products of our partner SICIS - from mosaic and Vetrite surfaces, to furniture, lighting and floors - are characterized by a very specific attention to detail. All products are provided with great dedication by expert specialists.

Sanitary - harmonious

Studio Bis creates unique atmospheres, in which each structural element as a whole becomes one decorative part of the total bathroom. All products are handled with great dedication by expert mosaic specialists. Every design has an unprecedented level of sophistication. The bathroom is one of the most representative environments that can also be admired by guests. The infinite combination of mosaic, Vetrite surfaces and furniture creates a perfect marriage, in perfect balance - Embrace harmony

Exclusive clubs en restaurants

Studio Bis creates artistic mosaic designs of the highest level, with the help of true mosaic masters, renowned architects and world-class designers. The result is endless solutions for different materials and surfaces for floors, walls and much more. Place lighting behind mosaic and voila, a unique nightclub is born. The possibilities are endless, allowing Studio Bis to create authentic and unmistakable works for even the most exclusive hotel chains, offices, restaurants and clubs - The sky is the limit.