More atmosphere with lighting

Thanks to years of expertise, we can now give these unique glass surfaces even more ambiance from the atmosphere in which they are located, by giving them background lighting. Ceilings, walls, floors, kitchen counters and furniture can now be illuminated as a magical wonder object, providing warmth and uniquely characterizing each space. These unique works of art are enhanced by light, making them stand out more and conquer every scene.

Endless possibilities

Mosaic as well as glass mosaic Vetrite can be backlit. The plates can be mounted on an LED system and easily applied to walls, pillars and ceilings. Due to their strength, the glass plates are also suitable for floors. The illuminated LED panel can also be used artistically to create more ambiance in any home, for example for a stunning effect in the entrance or to accentuate a particular wall in the living room. You can even provide your kitchen island with glass mosaic and have the same style reflected in the bathroom. Due to the versatility of the product, the possibilities are endless and you can also use them for public entertainment areas such as bars or discotheques. For example for backlight counters or a VIP area.