Vertrite, the most unique product in the world

Vetrite was born from intense research to create new evolutions of luxurious decorative coating materials. For our valued partner SICIS, this is a natural development, from the mosaic tile to the large glass plate. Mosaic is in Studio Bis' DNA. Glass in combination with textiles and polymer films are the core and form the main role in these unique large glass plates. The format can be up to 120 x 280 cm, with a thickness of 4 to 16 mm, in case of special applications. As a full partner of SICIS, Studio Bis brings together techniques and alchemy in a sublime way and design and art are mixed together and transformed into great projects. In this eccentric environment, a precise experience is enhanced: making a product that is advanced in innovation and aesthetics and that transcends the limitations of its dimensions. Vetrite is the possibility for Studio Bis to come up with a finish without any restrictions. An exclusive style and special art that can arouse emotions through the high-quality use of exclusive lines, unique patterns and convincing colors. This pure, stable product is particularly versatile and ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, both in normal areas of application and interior cladding, as well as in sectors such as furniture, furniture coverings, worktops, doors, lamps, up to design. It is intended as a better and more refined alternative to porcelain plates. Studio Bis is proud to present Vetrite, dedicated to the love and passion for the beauty of quality upholstery, the distinctive element, strength and character of each environment.

Material and finish

Large format thin glass plates obtained by a combination of polymers, metal foils and textile fibers. Thickness (s) 6 mm. (Thicknesses from 4mm to 12mm and above, available upon request) Studio Bis can supply Vetrite on request with a self-cleaning treatment and with an antibacterial surface. This treatment is characterized by a thin transparent sheet that has hydrophilic and photocatalytic properties. Properties of keeping the surface clean. Finish:: - More than 150 variants - Combinations with other sizes and materials - 18 standard sizes with the ability to customize them - Straight or chamfered edge - Different thicknesses for different applications - It doesn't absorb Scratch-resistant surface, no color change and instantly waterproof.

Applications - kitchens and floors

With Vetrite from our partner SICIS it is possible to create highly advanced solutions, such as raised and illuminated floors. Glass mosaic can be supplied with support structures that are installed directly and carefully by our specialists. Studio Bis dares to think further and imagines itself as a fish in water to create something unique, untraceable and revolutionary - the unique combination of glass mosaic and background lighting. These revolutionary systems can be supplied and installed by Studio Bis. In this way it is possible to create incredible wall and floor solutions - backlit floors, checkered floors and endless other combinations between different colors and materials. Studio Bis supplies some of the most renowned kitchen manufacturers and contributes to the development of high-quality and exclusive kitchen lines. Our products are appreciated for the diversity of their decorative potential, for their workability, durability and the possibility of combining them with other materials. Vetrite is an excellent solution for modern and unique kitchens that really stand out.

Reflection of craftsmanship

The striking symmetry, balanced dimensions and kitchen units ensure a perfect balance of refined and well thought-out proportions. Every detail of the kitchen reflects a sense of scale, design and craftsmanship. Unique shapes and mosaic materials merge into each other and together create an elementary but unprecedentedly luxurious appearance. Certificates to the most relevant product standards demonstrate the suitability of glass mosaic for use as a material for raised floors, tables, walls and kitchen worktops. The possibilities are endless - The sky is the limit.

Black & white perfectly combined

Futuristic geometries, the perfect contrast between black and white for fabrics that shine through Vetrite. Refined leather and Vetrite in solid colors that follow the contrast of dominant white and black. A room where clothes can be admired and selected together with all accessories. The ultimate experience. Flowing fabrics whose patterns are reminiscent of exclusive art, along with Vetrite in relaxing hues, masterfully composed by Studio Bis along with leather and other materials, give life to walk-in closets where clothing, accessories, jewelry and many other personal treasures can be stored. preserved. Design your walk-in closet in sublime style.